Korean wedding trends and bridal dresses

Korean Wedding dresses

Korean Wedding dressesAmongst the many countries that inflict their culture, music and style around the world. Korea is also one of them. Lately many people have been inflicted with what they do and how they do it. Especially women have been greatly inspired by the Korean bridal fashion. Since the bridal dresses in this country are different from the rest. Not only that but also quite trendy too. Hence people look up to them a lot. Also the bridal industry in Korea is flourishing with time. Their sense of style has tremendously improved and now the bridal dresses in Korea are quite awesome to look at and appreciate.

The thing that separates the Korean bridal fashion from others is the profoundly rich colors that they use in their bridal dresses. These are unlike others who have them soft. Their bridal dresses are composed of a jeogori with two long ribbons that are tied to form the ofgoreum. A chima full length, high waisted, wrap around skirt is worn. The Korean wedding dresses consist of a sash that has designs of flowers on it and a headpiece or a crown is a must. Therefore the basic bridal dresses of Korea are the jeogori with a short jacket. Their brides are incomplete without this.

The fashion in Korea is on a spur. Their designers have worked real hard to bring the western culture into their traditional bridal attire. The newest trend of bridal dresses in Korea is quite classy.Korean bridal fashion

The latest Korean bridal dresses are composed of a long layered and colored jeogori that is super added with a plain white short jacket of long sleeves. The sleeves are embroidered to add to the look. Some designers have in cooperated in the Korean wedding dresses a wide size dark colored belt to make it look more stylish. For women who want their bridal dresses in Korea more stylish .For them the designers have given ideas of eradicating the sleeves and short jacket from the jeogori and wearing it with net knitting strips and stylish tie fitted waist belts. All this makes the traditional Korean wedding dresses look more trendy and classy.

The bridal dresses in Korea make the bride look more like a Barbie doll than a bride. Another thing that is new in the Korean bridal fashion is the three or four layered gowns of various contrasting colors with short jackets. In addition to this, the latest Korean bridal fashion composes of colors that are inspired more from the pink family.

The jewellery is also an important aspect of Korean wedding dresses. Mostly they prefer Korean marquee crystals and pearls. Necklaces worn with the bridal dresses in Korea add to the whole look of elegance to the bride.

Therefore this summarizes the various aspects, types of bridal dresses in Korea that women wear on the most important day of their life. The Korean bridal fashion is quite different and unique from other bridal attires but it has its own elegance and style. Korea has a unique beauty that specifies it from the other Asian culture. If we see the bridal dresses in Korea then these surely depict it.