Modern Kebaya Fashion

modern kebaya Fashion

Kebaya is a traditional blouse-dress combination worn by women in some of the Asian countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Burma, Singapore and Southern Thailand. Although is usually made with flat bottom to the waist but the modern kebaya is now inspired by the dresses. The designers now make the kebaya like a dress.

Royalty of Kebaya

The designers make the kebaya like a royal dress for a matchless elegance. The modern kebaya is not just famous in the Asian countries but it is also popular in other countries now. After the fashion of modern kebaya the designers all over the world have taken the inspiration and started making it a fashion hit. The dress with perfect cuts always looks elegant and glamorous. The long tails of the kebaya and the floral motifs make the entire attire no less than a delight for any woman who wears it to a formal dinner.

modern kebaya Fashion

Anna Avantie: an Indonesian Kebaya Designer

Anna Avantie is a modern kebaya fashion designers she innovates the most amazing kebaya’s, her collection is popular in Indonesia. No matter what the occasion is wedding or a special night the designer makes the most stylish modern kebaya’s which more like the modern dresses are. The kebaya store the designer’s father opened for her was successful due to her new innovative designs and styles. The inspirational kebaya designer doesn’t ever let’s her clients down; they love her work.

The main idea is that the high quality kebaya is mostly made with a sleek flat bottom up to the waist, but the modern 21st century kebaya is surely made with a design and a style just like a long dress or a maxi dress. A longer dress results in shoulders hanging down.

The modern kebaya is styled all around from the neckline to the chest and the abdomen area. The elegance of the design is maintained with the choice of the fabric and the shape of the entire kebaya; it is more like a bridal dress.

Traditions merge with modern fashion

The choice of colors and certain alterations to the traditional kebaya can surely help come up with a really nice Kebaya which basically makes the concept of a Kebaya interesting. Asian women are the ones who would like to merge the traditional as well as the modern aspect of their society into the dresses. The cultural limits make them bound to certain limitations. These limitations are also found to exist in the dresses they wear, keeping all this in mind they have to have a dress inspired majorly with the traditional cuts. The Kebaya is a depiction of how the modern cuts and the traditional embellishments make the dress the bride of the women who wear it for tradition and for fashion. Kebaya industry all over the world is inspired by the traditional factors of fashion this can be proved by looking at a Kebaya. The kebaya has inspired designers to customize their collection according to the Kebaya