Indian Bridal Makeup Tips

indian Bridal Make up tips

What could be more stunning than an Indian bride? Draped in a majestically heavy Indian bridal dress, Rubi-studded gold jewelry and Indian makeup makes her even more beautiful and radiant. The idea behind it is that the star of the happening should glow the most.This article gathers a few important makeup tips, particularly Indian bridal makeup tips for you to make the hassle easier. Grab a pen and start reading it along with marking of the ones of your interest.

indian Bridal Make up tips

  • One of the important makeup tips is to run an ice-cube wrapped in a clean, soft cloth all over your face and neck before applying any makeup. This will make your skin look fresh and help you with pores.
  • One of the most important makeup tips is to get a great concealer and a primer. Apply concealer under your eyes and on the acne or spots to hide them, it works great as a light reflector, but it shouldn’t be too light. And primer helps you with even application of the makeup.
  • When it comes to the base, always remember, the more natural, the more beautiful. Indian makeup artists use lighter tones of base for real brides just to give a fresh look, but that actually ruins the whole look. Your base should be of the same tone as of your facial skin. You should use the gel foundation base, followed by light dusting of loose powder.
  • Out of the best Indian eye makeup tips is to use thick black kohl to draw the shape of your eyes, with dark shades of red, brown or green eye-shadows. Always use neutrals to highlight your eyes and the brow bone.
  • Use lash-curler before applying waterproof mascara. Yes, waterproof! It will stay longer and will not ruin your makeup even after shedding tears of joy. Use fake lashes only if you feel comfortable, or just stick with your mascara.
  • Don’t use black pencil for your brows; use a matte brown color, one shade deeper that your hair color. For a natural finish you can use powder instead of pencil and brush them neatly.
  • Another important makeup tipis to follow the natural shape of your lips while applying lip-color. Use lip liner to shape your lips and apply all over the lips.Now you can apply the lipstick of same shade as of lip-liner. This will make your lipstick last longer.
  • Choose a warm flattering blush on in peachy pink or rose color.

A couple of Indian bridal makeup tips are listed below, have a look:

  • Out of the Indian bridal makeup tips,most important is to stick to a traditional and classic look, do not follow the trends, because they’ll soon fade away and you will look quite dated in the photos.
  • When talking about Indian Makeup, it does not only include the makeup and hairdo but the bride must be adorned with heavy gold jewelry.
  • Indian Makeupalso includes mehndi, beautiful designs are made with hena on the hands, arms and feet of the bride.

Be very careful with the small detailsin the Indian makeupand make your Big Day a Great Day!