Latest Japanese fashion trends and dress designs in Japan

latest japanese fashion trends

latest japanese fashion trendsJapanese wear two types of clothing known as yin and yang. Modern Japan dresses are divided into western clothing and Japanese clothing. The traditional dresses of Japan are mainly worn on celebrations, ceremonies, funerals and festivals. Men and women prefer wearing modern dresses in Japan because it is convenient as Japan traditional dresses are difficult to wear. Here are some latest fashion dresses worn in Japan


Yukuta is a traditional Japan dress but less causal. The most commonly used material for Japan dresses is cotton and comes in different bright colors which make the Japanese women look young and beautiful. The different patterns used in yukuta Japan dresses are flowers and leaves. These patterns are usually seen in vivid colors which emphasize the contrast between the shade of the fabric and color of the pattern. Yukuta is usually stitched in a dress type fitted maxi with airy lose sleeves making it difficult for the Japanese women to walk so, in order to appear classy in Yukyuta, one must take smaller steps while walking. Yukuta is worn with wooden clogs which look like beach sandals known as Geta.

Long maxis

One of the fashionable dresses in Japan also includes long maxis. Long maxis are long enough to cover your ankles.japanese wedding dress Japanese women are usually short heighted and that is why they prefer wearing long maxis because the vertical lines created by the skirt make legs look longer and present a stylish look. Japan dresses are usually made of chiffon as it is soft and light weighted. The popular style of Japanese skirts also incorporates chiffon pleats as it gives a transparent look to the skirt. Japanese women usually wear dresses made up of lace or chiffon with tight fitting jacket.

More layers

Japanese young women do not go for a single layer of their Japan dresses to look fashionable. Instead, they wear multiple layers as the motto of most of the Japanese women regarding their dresses are “the more layers, the better it is”. Young girls usually wear floral print dresses with not only tights but they will add extra clothing by wearing a cardigan on top of the dress followed by a scarf. Tuck in button down shirt also look classy on Japanese women if they wear it with jeans, laced sleeves less camisole and a fur jacket on top.

Floral prints

Floral prints are always seen in Japan dresses. Roses, marguerites, gerbera and other western clothes flowers are used in floral prints which enhance the charm of Japanese women. Floral print is seen in long skirts, miniskirts, shoes, shirts, summer blazers, palazzo pants and jumpsuits. Floral prints are seen on Japan dresses both in small and big size. The bigger the size of the floral print, the more difficult it is to carry. Japan dresses have floral prints on them because they bring nature closer to the individuals. Another biggest advantage of using floral prints in Japan dresses is that they brighten up the day even if they are used in the most subtle tone.