Chinese Traditional Bridal Dresses


Some say marriages are made in heaven.However, the getting together of a man and a woman in marriage is considered sacred regardless of the religion and tradition. Wherever in the world you go, people have a different set of customs to follow in terms of marriage ritual. The one constant trend and the place where everyone pays the utmost attention is the bridal wear. All countries have their own traditional bridal wear that defines their culture. Similarly, if we look at Chinese traditional bridal dresses then they are exceptional and pleasing to the eye due to their antique and artistic embroidery. Not only that but what makes the bridal fashion china stand out is the fact that their clothes are inspired from their ancient history.


A few highlights of Chinese traditional bridal dresses are as follows:

The colour:

The Chinese traditional bridal dresses attain their uniqueness from the fact that the whole ritual is devoted to the ancient culture and tradition that still prevails in china. According to this ritual, the bridal wear should not be in black, blue and grey.They believe that this brings sorrow to the married life.

However, the much-preferred colours in bridal fashion china are red and white that signifies prosperity.

The Chinese traditional bridal dresses need to have red as either the base colour or anything. Red is a must for bridal wear.

The design:

The Chinese traditional bridal dresses are two-pieced dress namely: Gua, Kwa or the chengsam.They both have dragon or the phoenix design on them. Since these two things signify balance of male and female power.Therefore, these two motifs in bridal wear are essential. The preferred colours for embroidery are gold and silver.

This embroidery work on bridal wear is exclusively done on the borders with special skilled artisans who are highly skilled to do this job.

One of the popular dressed of bridal fashion china is the one-piece frock known as Qi Pao.This is most well liked by girls lately in China.

Head Dress:

Besides all the customary clothing, another favorite of bridal wear in china is headdress. Some brides also wear a well-designed headdress during wedding ceremony. Brides are decorated with exclusive hairstyles that are quite complicated to make but look very stylish. This hairstyle is also an adaptation of the Chinese culture. Since it was a custom in the Chinese tradition for the bride to only look at her husband on the betrothal bed and hence the headdress.

This is a compilation of the amazing and interesting matrimony clothes worn by people in china. All these kinds of matrimony clothing are inspired from their culture and have certain meanings to them. Therefore, it is important to follow certain rules regarding wedding clothes in china.

Considering the modern world where things are becoming simpler and most people are ignoring their culture. The Chinese however still take their weddings quite seriously culture wise and more than that the clothes. I hope you enjoyed reading about this bridal wear.