Bridal Fashion In Russia

bridal dress russia

The Russian bridal dresses like the dresses in any other part of the world, the brides of Russia prefer colorful dresses. The red being the major color for the weddings in Russia the brides wanted their big day to be brightens up with the color. Although the traditional brides in Russia used to wear the colorful dresses but now the bridal fashion in Russia is all about subtle colors. The color white was considered the color of sanctity and was not used in festivities. In Russia many brides belonging to several different regions the bride had two wedding gowns, one to wear before the marriage service and the other to put on after it. The gown that was to wear after the marriage was to symbolize joy therefore it was a colourful gown.

bridal dress russia

Festivity with colors

The Old Russian bridal dresses were traditionally decorated with rich embroidery of ornaments and depicted amazing combination of colors. Usually the traditional bridal dress in Russia consisted of a wedding dress with a blouse to put on underneath the wedding dress. The bridal dress was also of a peculiar cuts and trimmings. Russian traditional fashion was in contrast to the modern fashion, the tradition was to decorate the dress with rich embroidery of ornaments, leaves, berries, birds and other animals. The bird was supposed to be a symbol of freedom and good fate.

Bridal dress with old believes

The specifications of the traditional bridal dress in Russia were a depiction of their extreme believes. The old belied was that the bride and the groom were not to touch each other with naked arms therefore the bridal dress had really long sleeves with special holes for the hands. The embroidery was also done by the bride and decorating the bridal dress by the bride herself was also a tradition.

Headwear with the bridal dress

The Russian brides have been wearing beautiful headwear made of flowers and ribbons. The entire headband is either made of metal or ribbons encircling the forehead. The hair style of the bride was usually made that looked well with the headband. The two plaits looked good with the headband and the brides look like princesses.


The entire bridal dress comprised not just of the crown like head band but also the gold threads and beads; the old regional peoples used to think that the bride will have as many kids as the number of beads in her headwear. The traditional bridal dress in Russia was to be a good fancy dress with the combination of amazing accessories like the Turquoise dress and the wedding rings with stones and the pearls being embedded with the stones. The neck bands were either made of precious or semi-precious metal.

Modern bridal dress

The modern brides unlike the traditional brides wore beautiful white gowns; the fashion was embraced by the Russian brides by the European brides. The colorful gowns and the unique traditional gowns with a blouse are now considered to be an old fashioned idea according to the fashion trends of some regions.