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Top 10 Tips For Skin Care

As we all know that skin is the important part of body and needs special attention. Human skin is made up from seven different components which include water, proteins, lipids and other minerals. The function of skin is to protect other organs of the body from germs and other harmful substances. Skin changes throughout the year because of a number of reasons such as weather change or if not properly looked after. The human skin can take a worse form if it does not get proper care. Here are 10 skin care tips to maintain the vitality of skin and keep it healthy and glowing.

skin care tips

Top 10 Skin Care Tips:

  1. Develop a habit of cleaning yourself and wash your hands even before you wash your face. Dirty hands transfer germs and other bacteria to your face skin whenever you touch your face while washing it.
  2. Wash your face at least thrice a day and do not rub it with a rough cloth if you have sensitive skin. Apply cleanser after washing your face and rinse away the product with the help of a cloth soaked in warm water and rub it on your skin in gentle circular motions.
  3. To ultra-moisturize your skin, use olive oil. Although there are other skin moisturizers but they are expensive so olive oil is a perfect substitute. Warm a few drops before applying it on your face.
  4. Drink water and stay hydrated so that your skin functions properly. Functions includes regenerating cells and improve blood circulation and of course, your skin complexion.
  5. Proper skin exercise also makes skin healthy as it delivers nutrients and oxygen to skin cells but excessive exercise can also damage the skin because too much heat is not good for skin.
  6. Instead of using tissue papers, use a cotton ball to rinse away the makeup on your skin. Tissue papers make your skin rough. Moreover, tissue paper leaves the oily patches near your mouth which leads to skin breakouts.
  7. Phone is the only device that is repeatedly pressed against your skin daily. So keeping your phone clean is must otherwise dirty particles from your phone will transfer to your skin and will result in in various skin diseases and pimples.
  8. Ultra violet rays damage the upper most layer of the skin which consequently darkens the complexion. Tomatoes boost the natural defense against ultraviolet rays so make it your habit to eat tomatoes daily. Tomato is one of the savory fruits and the good thing about savory fruits is that they have an antioxidant that provides protection fromskin aging rays from the sun.
  9. Mostly brand conscious people think that buying expensive sunscreens will solve all there problems. It is important to note that the expensive sun screens are not less effective than the cheaper ones. A good sun screen should have broad spectrum ultraviolet protection.
  10. Last but not the least; one should be aware of their skin type. Human skin is of five types and those five types are oily, dry, normal, sensitive and combination. So before applying any skin product, read the label that it matches your skin tone.

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